Page from the catalogue Sculpture as Jewelry as Sculpture, published to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the 1973 exhibition of that name at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art. The show included four of Mark's Sculpture-to-wear: Inverted Triangles, Kinetic Circle and Chevrons II. The model is wearing Inverted Triangles. Quadrille is inset at lower left.
Detail of the captions for the page above:
Catalogue No. 49: Chevrons: '… pendant with a square cut-out and two opposing joined triangles …'; No. 50: '… pendant with a square cut-out and a smaller square with a circular cut-out …'; No. 51: '… pendant with two internal wavy bars …'; and No. 52: '… pendant and torque, comprising two inverted V-shaped elements with ring ends …

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